Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Why Mr. Kennedy Was Fired

The biggest news in wrestling over the last couple of weeks was the W.W.E. letting Ken “Mr. Kennedy” Anderson go. Well, the above YouTube video shows the poorly executed move by Kennedy on Randy Orton last week on Monday Night Raw in which Orton fell awkwardly on his surgically repaired shoulder. You can see Orton slap Kennedy in the back of the head after he lands and then slam his fists on the mat in frustration.

Orton wields a lot of power and reportedly expressed his displeasure with Kennedy backstage, albeit in a calm manner. Still, once Vince McMahon found out about the botched move, Kennedy was wished "well in his future endeavors."

Reportedly, some former World Champions expressed displeasure in working with Kennedy and charged that he was sloppy in the ring.

Mr. Kennedy has been injury prone over the last couple of years and hopefully for him, a change of scenery will be beneficial. Although, my money is on Kennedy going to Japan before W.C.W. lite (also known as T.N.A.).

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