Thursday, June 18, 2009

Florida Championship Wrestling Celebrates Father's Day

The W.W.E.’s minor league, F.C.W., is holding an event tomorrow night in Kissimmee called “Salute to Fathers.” This makes perfect sense given the fact that there are so many second and third generation wrestlers that are either in developmental or on the main roster.

Appearing will be Ted DiBiase Sr. with Brett DiBiase; Mike Rotundo with Bo and Duke Rotundo; and Haku with Agent T. Gerry Brisco was scheduled to appear with his son Wes, however, that is no longer a possibility due to Gerry suffering not one but three strokes recently, according to Jim Ross’ blog.

On a separate note, I can understand why W.W.E. does not recognize a wrestler’s past when it comes to T.N.A., but I don’t understand why they don’t mention F.C.W. at all regarding the history of its wrestlers.

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