Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Former W.W.E. Stars In Upcoming M.M.A. Bouts

With the announcement last night that Donald Trump has “purchased” Monday Night Raw from Vince McMahon, I thought of Bobby Lashley. Trump picked Lashley to represent him at Wrestlemania 23 in the battle of the billionaires. Lashley defeated McMahon’s pick, Umaga, which led to a haircut for Mr. McMahon. Nonetheless, I have always thought that Lashley is one that got away from the W.W.E.

Anyway, Lashley is currently 3-0 in mixed martial arts and will be taking on Bob Sapp, who boasts a record of 10-4-1, on June 27. That’s the first M.M.A. match I am looking forward to this summer. The second is on July 11 at U.F.C. 100 where U.F.C. Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar (3-1) will take on U.F.C. Interim Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir (12-3) in a unification bout.

Lesnar has tangled with Mir - I’ve heard it pronounced like it rhymes with fur and also beer -before, but after dominating the match had to tap out. Some say that since it was Lesnar’s second M.M.A. fight, inexperience cost him. We’ll see. Either way I’m very interested to see how both Lesnar and Lashley fair in their respective upcoming outings.

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