Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dos Caras Jr. Signs With W.W.E.....Seriously!

Masked Mexican wrestler Dos Caras Jr. has reportedly signed with the W.W.E. and will head straight to the main roster. A Caras signing was reported last year, however, the deal fell through. Dos Caras even said himself that he had signed with the company and was debuting at the Royal Rumble in January. Caras and W.W.E. have reportedly been unable to come to terms on licensing and such. Supposedly this time, Caras will not be heading to F.C.W. and will also be keeping ownership of his likeness and name, but just loaning it out to W.W.E. I guess we will find out. The above is a tribute video to the masked luchador! If, in fact, the signing is true, it would be great to see Caras either team or feud with Rey Mysterio.

Speaking of which, I wonder who the genius was that decided last year to send Rey Mysterio to the Monday Night Raw roster. I read that Smackdown used to draw one million Hispanic viewers, but then lost virtually all of them when Rey was drafted to Raw. Now that Mysterio is back on Smackdown, Hispanic viewership is up to around 500,000.

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