Wednesday, June 17, 2009

E.C.W. Puts On A Good Show

Another Tuesday night, another fantastic job out of the E.C.W. roster. I have no idea who is writing the show, but they are doing a real nice job. Three matches last night on Sci-Fi with a recap of Monday Night Raw and a couple of short interviews – that was it! Now, that’s how you write a show.

Anyway the opening contest saw Christian lose to David Hart Smith thanks to Hart Dynasty members Natalya and Tyson Kidd. I was surprised to see Christian lose only because he went down to Tommy Dreamer on Raw. Amazing that Christian was headlining pay-per-views in T.N.A. against Kurt Angle and now he is jobbing to Tommy Dreamer and an unproven rookie. Although, I’m not complaining. I guess that’s what happens when you cross Vince McMahon – you pay for it for a little while. I’m really on the Hart Dynasty bandwagon; they just know how to get it done and play the heel role to perfection.

The second match saw Mark Henry down Evan Bourne. Both guys put on a good show, despite the fact that they have contrasting styles.

Finally, E.C.W. Champion Tommy Dreamer lost in a non-title match to Jack Swagger. OH yes, I failed to mention that Finlay came out and nailed Christian with the shillelagh after his match with Smith. Finlay said it was revenge for when he injured his eye while breaking up a fight between Christian and Tommy Dreamer. Finlay came out and laid out both Dreamer and Swagger, after the Oklahoman scored the pinfall. So I guess that makes Finlay a heel now.

A little while ago the W.W.E. announced that at The Bash pay-per-view Tommy Dreamer will put the E.C.W. Championship on the line in a scramble match against Christian, Swagger, Henry and Finlay.

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