Saturday, January 30, 2010

Royal Rumble Predictions

If Wrestlemania is the Super Bowl, then the Royal Rumble is "Championship Sunday." The above video explains the pay-per-view by the numbers. The Rumble takes place tomorrow night at 8.

30-man Royal Rumble match
The winner will receive a world championship match of their choosing at WrestleMania XXVI

There are many different ways they can go with this. So here are a few possible scenarios:

--Shawn Michaels wins and goes on to face The Undertaker at 'Mania with 'Taker's streak and the World title on the line.

-- Perhaps Michaels and Triple H are the last two and Hunter tosses Shawn. There are rumors that Triple H is going to face Sheamus at Wrestlemania. So that could happen or Michaels eliminates Hunter and someone else wins the Rumble, this leads to HHH-Michaels at 'Mania.

- Could Ted DiBiase win and then Orton beats Sheamus, which would set up DiBiase and Orton at 'Mania for the W.W.E. title.

- Also, how does Edge fit into all of this? Will he cost Chris Jericho the match?

I'm partial to seeing Michaels-Taker at 'Mania so I'm going to pick Shawn to win the Royal Rumble match.

Other matches...

E.C.W. Champion Christian vs. Ezekiel Jackson
There is still talk that the E.C.W. brand will be scrapped, so I see no reason to take the title off of Christian.

World Champ The Undertaker vs. Rey Mysterio
Undertaker will win.

W.W.E. Champ Sheamus vs. Randy Orton
I think Sheamus somehow leaves with the title.

W.W.E. Woman's Champ Michelle McCool vs. Mickie James
I'd like to see James win this match. I've never really been sold on McCool as champ.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Amazing Journey in Hollywood, Florida Video

This song from the Tommy album really works very well live. Some songs no matter who the performer is don't always make it, but this one absolutely does.

Substitute Hyde Park Calling Video

I've wanted to get this on DVD but the Hyde Park DVD is not compatible with players made in the U.S. Don't get why, but that's what I read. Oh well, thank God for YouTube.

Roger Daltrey "Going Mobile" Hollywood, Florida Video

This song - "Going Mobile" - was always very unique. It was on the Who's Next album and on that version only featured Keith Moon and John Entwistle with Pete Townshend on vocals but it still achieved an incredibly rich sound. The above video is from Daltrey's solo tour this past fall in which Pete' brother Simon takes the lead on vocals.

Bargain in Florida Video

A Who classic from the Who's Next album being performed in Florida.

Pete Townshend "Postcard" Video

As most Who fans know, Pete Townshend wrote most of the band's songs. However, John Entwistle also contributed some very good tracks. "Postcard" is off of the Odds & Sods album.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Coach For The New York Rangers?

Every time I look up, there's New York Rangers' head coach John Tortorella giving the media a hard time. Perhaps he should channel that anger toward his players; maybe bench someone once in a while. I've pegged Tortorella's stay in New York to be a short one, but I think it may be even shorter if he keeps up this garbage with the press. However, getting rid of Torts isn't the answer. As long as Glen "The Savior" Sather is GM of the Rangers, things aren't about to turn around. Tortorella isn't a bad coach, just a bad fit for this team.

Bobby Lashley, Herschel Walker Get Ready For M.M.A. Matches

Strikeforce:Miami takes place this Saturday night and that means Herschel Walker will be making his mixed martial arts (m.m.a.) debut. I've heard some laughing at the 46-year-old Walker, but here's the deal: Walker is donating his fight purse to charity and I wouldn't worry about Herschel being physically ready. The guy does thousands of push ups and sit ups a day and maintains 2% body fat. Will he be a good m.m.a. fighter? Who knows. But it's not the end of the world that he is giving it a shot.

Meanwhile, Bobby Lashley faces off against 6'10" Wes Sims, a former U.F.C. fighter. This is Lashley's fifth fight. So far he is undefeated.

Inside The Squared Circle: Orton's New Deal, Jericho In Trouble, T.N.A. On Mondays

Some tidbits from the world of wrestling...

Randy Orton has reportedly signed a 10 year contract with the W.W.E.

Chris Jericho and "Hurricane" Greg Helms were arrested for public drunkenness in Kentucky last night. Allegedly Helms struck Jericho and at least one other person.

Beginning March 1, T.N.A. is going to Monday nights permanently. Is this a good move or a bad move? I'm really not sure yet. If it's going to work for T.N.A. they are going to have to use their young stars. If not, they will have the same fate as the now-defunct W.C.W.

Better Ask Questions Before You Shoot!

I am so sick of the holier-than-thou people in this country and the media that just stands by and reports things without doing any fact checking at all.

Oh and to all these people that stand there and defend this party or that; last I checked we have 10% unemployment; two poorly managed and seemingly endless wars; and a trillion dollar deficit. I don't think either party has much to be proud of.


"A Friend of Pete's"

From Bruce Springsteen's "Lonesome Day"

Better ask questions before you shoot
Deceit and betrayals bitter fruit
It's hard to swallow, come time to pay
That taste on your tongue don't easily slip away

Pete Townshend and Deep End Live - "Stop Hurting People"

This is another good song by Pete Townshend which he performs with Deep End live at the Brixton Academy in London in 1985.

Politicians and certain holier-than-thou groups of people should take the advice of this song.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pete Townshend Discusses Rough Mix

Cool excerpt of an interview on YouTube in which Pete Townshend discusses the Rough Mix album which he did with Ronnie Lane. The interviewer stated the interview would last an hour, but I couldn't find the other parts. Still, some pretty interesting stuff from Townshend; one of the best interviews in rock.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Generation Remix

The Black Eyed Peas' and fomer Guns N' Roses' guitarist Slash have done a remix of The Who's "My Generation," which will air during the Super Bowl and then go on sale on iTunes. Proceeds will go to Haiti.

Billboard has the story, just click this.

The Who's Super Setlist

The Who's Pete Townshend revealed to Billboard what the band will be playing at the Super Bowl. From Billboard:

"We're kinda doing a mashup of stuff," the guitarist tells Billboard. "A bit of 'Baba O'Riley,' a bit of 'Pinball Wizard,' a bit of the close of 'Tommy,' a bit of 'Who Are You,' and a bit of 'Won't Get Fooled Again.' It works -- it's quite a saga. A lot of the stuff that we do has that kind of celebratory vibe about it -- we've always tried to make music that allows the audience to go a bit wild if they want to. Hopefully it will hit the spot."

The entire story can be read here.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Pete Townshend and Jakob Dylan "The Kids Are Alright"


Bob Dylan's son Jakob joined Pete on this version of "The Kids Are Alright." Jakob is the lead singer of The Wallflowers. I give him credit for going into the same business as his legendary father. Inevitably people would compare Jakob to his dad, which is completely unfair given the fact that Bob Dylan is one of the best songwriters ever.

Pete Townshend "The Kids Are Alright"

I'm sure Pete Townshend was going to play "The Kids Are Alright" anyway, but it's funny that someone yelled out a request for the song and then Pete said "he would play that." It's always funny when fans scream out song requests as if the band or musician doesn't have a setlist to follow. Anyway, this is a nice solo version I found on YouTube.

NFL Picks

Here are my picks for "Championship Sunday."

AFC Championship:
Colts 19 Jets 10

I'm having trouble getting a real feel for this game. The Jets have the whole Cinderella thing going and former coach Mike Ditka thinks the Colts psyche is irreparable after they gave up going for the perfect season when they pulled their starters against the Jets in late December. From that standpoint, you could pick the Jets. I'm really torn on this one, but I think the Colts have too much offensive talent for the Jets.

NFC Championship:
Vikings 44 Saints 28

Both teams can score points. I think the Vikings have the better defense, though.

Odds & Sods

In many ways, Haiti is sadly being pushed to the back burner by the media.

Keith Olbermann says that everyone that voted for Scott Brown is a racist. Gee, and why is it that Olbermann and the gang over at MSNBC regularly get trounced in the ratings by their competition?

John Halligan, the encyclopedia of the New York Rangers and the N.H.L. passed away this week. He was 68. The New York Times' Stu Hackel does a nice job remembering John here.

If the Jets win, that means more Jets bravado on the radio for two weeks. If they lose, that means a return to talk of the abysmal off-season the Mets are having? Hmmm...tough, tough choice.

John Tortorella is a good coach, but so wrong for this Rangers team and New York. He just can't take criticism as shown here by his verbal confrontation with Larry Brooks after last night's Rangers loss at Philly.

Brock Lesnar is returning and to paraphrase what he said during his recent ESPN appearance, the rest of the heavyweight division in UFC must be having trouble controlling their bowels.

Strikeforce is having a lot of trouble finding an opponent for Bobby Lashley on their January 30 Miami show. At this point, they'll take anybody from what I can see.

Former football great and 47-year-old Herschel Walker will make his m.m.a. debut at that show.

Looks like Floyd Mayweather's next opponent will be "Sugar" Shane Mosley.

The Sex Pistols claimed they were the first punk band, but there are a few others that came before them including the "godfathers of punk," The Who. The story is here.

Jack Black Honors The Who

In late December 2008, The Who became the first rock band to receive the Kennedy Center Honors. Jack Black paid tribute to the band with the above video.

Pete Townshend - Eminence Front

"Eminence Front" was a song on The Who's It's Hard album, which was released in 1982. The song is basically about people at a party ignoring the world's problems and reveling in their hedonistic lifestyle; which I suppose excess and cocaine use were a hallmark of the 1980s. It's Hard was the last Who album to feature bassist John Entwistle and drummer Kenney Jones, who had replaced Keith Moon after his death in 1978. Jones formerly played with the Small Faces and the The Faces.

The above video is of Pete Townshend performing the song in New York in 1993. Entwistle's "replacement" - sorry no one can replace "The Ox" - Pino Palladino is on bass with Simon Phillips on drums.

Pete Townshend - Keep Me Turning

In 1977, Pete Townshend did an album called Rough Mix with Ronnie Lane; bassist for the Small Faces and later The Faces. Lane was having financial problems and went to Pete for some money. I suppose in an act of tough love, Pete proposed doing an album instead of loaning money to Lane. It's a really good and underrated work by Townshend. The interesting thing is that the two did not collaborate on any songs together as they each wrote their own stuff. In fact, Townshend has co-written very few songs with anyone.

"Keep me Turning" is one of the songs Townshend penned on the record.

Eric Clapton, Charlie Watts and John Entwistle all played on the album.

Sadly, Ronnie Lane passed away due to complications from M.S. in 1997.

Kate McGarrigle Dies

Kate McGarrigle passed away this past Monday night from a type of cancer called clear cell sarcoma. She was 63. McGarrigle is the mother of Martha and Rufus Wainwright. She and her sister, Anna, were a formidable folk duo from Canada. I will always remember seeing Kate and Rufus show up as a surprise at a Martha Wainwright show in New York in the summer of 2008. The above video is of this incredibly talented musical family performing"Don't Forget" at that show.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Pete Townshend "Now and Then" and "Going Up the Country"

In the summer of 1998, Pete Townshend performed at “A Day in the Garden,” which was a three-day festival in Bethel, New York on the site of the original Woodstock Concert. The above video is of Townshend performing “Now and Then” which is off of his solo concept album, Psycoderelict. He then follows up with a performance of “Going Up the Country” with Taj Mahal.

Richie Havens, Lou Reed, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks and many others performed at the festival.

The Who "I Can't Explain"

Forty-five years ago today The Who released their first hit single, "I Can't Explain" in the U.K. I've read reports that Jimmy Page played rhythm guitar on the song, but I had always heard he played on "Bald Headed Woman" which appeared on the "B" side of the record. Regardless, up until this time The Who (momentarily the High Numbers) were only covering American blues songs, so this is Pete Townshend's first soiree into the songwriting biz.

The song would eventually replace "Heaven and Hell" as the band's concert opener.

Below is one of the final performances of "I Can't Explain" by The Who's original lineup. It took place Live at Kilburn (which is actually spelled with one L) in 1977:

Inside The Squared Circle: Cena Hurt, More Bad Raw Hosts, 'Taker-Michaels

Reportedly, John Cena will not be able to make the Royal Rumble due to some back issues. This would explain why Randy Orton won the triple-threat match on Raw; which determined W.W.E. Champion Sheamus’ opponent at the Rumble.

Brett DiBiase and Joe Hennig are the new F.C.W. Tag Team Champions. Interesting to note how many second and third-generation wrestlers there are. If wrestling is so bad as some suggest, why would they get into the biz?

Bryan Danielson lost to Low Ki last night at an F.C.W. show. Danielson is doing a short stint in the W.W.E.’s top developmental promotion. I know winning and losing doesn’t really matter in pro wrestling, but I hope this isn’t a portent of things to come in regards to Danielson’s future. Other than Kurt Angle, I think Danielson is the best pure wrestler out there. I hope W.W.E. doesn't blow it.

Upcoming Monday Night Raw Hosts:
Jan. 18: Jon Heder & Don Johnson

Jan. 25: James Roday & Dule Hill

Feb. 1: William Shatner

Vince McMahon said last Monday night that Bret Hart will never be seen in the W.W.E. again. So naturally, he’ll be on Raw this week.

One of – if not the – best matches I have ever seen was between The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels at last year’s Wrestlemania. Michaels has already said he wants a rematch at this year’s Mania and ‘Taker will be at this week’s Raw to supposedly give his answer. Some people think that a rematch is not a good idea because it won’t live up to last year’s epic contest. But I think that even if it is half as good, the W.W.E. has a winner on its hands.

Ken “Mr. Kennedy” Anderson is rumored to be the “major acquisition” of T.N.A. that will debut at this Sunday’s Genesis pay-per-view.

N.F.L. Picks

Here are my predictions for this week's games in the NFL:

Jets 23 Chargers 21
Colts 28 Ravens 10

Cards 34 Saints 31
Vikings 41 Cowboys 17

I'm pulling for a Colts/Vikings Super Bowl.

Oh yeah and Mr. T is gonna need a pizza for the second half.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Capitalizing on Tragedy

Well, that didn't take long did it?

Someone used Twitter to spread a lie that American Airlines and other airlines were flying doctors and nurses into Haiti free of charge to help with relief efforts. The story is here.

My post earlier this morning forewarned of this type of stuff in regards to the campaign to get people to donate $10 via instant text message. I'm not saying it is a hoax, but how much of the money actually goes to the people in need is what I am calling into question.

Everyone wants to be charitable; sadly however, there are people looking to capitalize right now.

Remember after 9/11 there were all sorts of telethons and the like. Red Cross raised a ton of money but not all of it went to help the victims of the attacks and deservedly got some major heat for it. That story is here.

Pete Townshend and The Shout

I recently came across a cool message board for fans of Pete Townshend. It's called "The Shout" and is located at or by clicking this. There's plenty of news and discussion on Pete Townshend and some good links to other rock Websites.

Bad Week For Randy Orton

Randy Orton was visibly upset with Kofi Kingston at the end of their match on Monday Night Raw. It seemed to mirror his reaction during a match involving Mr. Kennedy last spring when Kennedy botched a move and Orton slapped him in the back of the head. Worse than that, Kennedy was let go a few days later.

It looked to me like there was some kind of miscommunication between Kofi and Randy when Orton went to hit his finishing move the “RKO.” Some usually reliable sources on the Internet have said that Randy was in fact upset with Kofi. Who knows if there will be any backlash against Kofi due to the amount of power Orton wields backstage.

Randy Orton himself could now be in some hot water. It is alleged he spit his gum at a 15-year-old that wanted an autograph in Massachusetts. A complaint has been filed with police. Of course, everything is alleged at this point. Stay tuned....

The Sea Refuses No River

In 1982, Pete Townshend put out a solo album called All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes. One of my favorite songs on the record is “The Sea Refuses No River.” He performed the song above with his "Deep End" live band at London's Brixton Academy in November 1985.

Deep End consisted of David Gilmour; drummer Simon Phillips; bassist Chucho Merchan; percussionist Jody Linscott; keyboardist John 'Rabbit' Bundrick; backing vocalists Billy Nicholls, Cleveland Watkiss and Chyna; and a five-piece brass ensemble called The Kick Horns.

Pete's daughter, Emma, also did backing vocals in the above video.

I've always admired the ability of Townshend to be very introspective and brutally honest in his writing, while still leaving room for the listener to guess what the song is actually about. That is definitely on display in the lyrics of this song.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Odds & Sods

The situation in Haiti is bad enough, I don’t think some t.v. lunatic running his mouth was really necessary.

R.I.P. legendary New York radio broadcaster Art Rust Jr.

I see there is a campaign where you can automatically donate via text message some money for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. How much do you want to bet it turns out to be a scam or 98% of the money doesn’t go where it should?

Wait, all of a sudden Yemen is a hotbed for terrorism? I guess the USS Cole bombing was just another one of those "isolated incidents."

Barack Obama likes to say “let me make this perfectly clear.” OK why don’t you actually do it then, instead of saying you will.

Coffee Labs Roasters is a nice little coffee place in Tarrytown that has live music on most Fridays and Saturdays. They also allow people to bring in their dog. This was all fine until recently when someone with no life complained and so now it is no dogs allowed. Thankfully, though, a lawyer is offering their services at no cost to help the shop rectify the situation. With businesses struggling to stay afloat these days why would someone cause a stink? Why not just not go there if the presence of a dog or two bothered him or her so much?

But I’ve been wondering quite a bit lately who is watching the watchers?

N.H.L. goalie Curtis Joseph, better known as CuJo has retired. Joseph is the winningest goalie in NHL history never to win the Stanley Cup. Hall of Famer? You betcha.

UFC president Dana White and Brock Lesnar will hold a press conference next week on the status of Brock’s career. Brock is recovering from diverticulitis, a condition where pouches on your large intestine inflame.

Meanwhile, Randy Couture has told the media that Brock will be back this spring.

Former pro wrestler Ludvig Borga died last week in his home in Finland. Reportedly it was a suicide. Borga had a run in the W.W.E. in 1993-1994. He also had a brief career in mixed martial arts. Ironically, he was Couture's first m.m.a. opponent. Borga, real name Tony Christian Halme, was 47.

Manny Pacquiao will be fighting Joshua Clottey on March 13, not Floyd Mayweather. Oh boxing, you are indeed your own worst enemy.

There seems to be some rewriting of history when it comes to Mark McGwire. Although andro was found in his locker, I never heard anyone yelling steroids when he was belting homers in the summer of 1998. Andro at that time was legal. Still, “Big Mac” is a “Big Disappointment” in my eyes and although I am not shocked by his admission of steroid use, it’s a really huge black eye on baseball and commissioner Bud Selig. I also have to blame the players union and all the players in MLB for the "steroid era." If they wanted stricter testing it would happen. If a player with clout and a good reputation stood up to the media and said I want testing for everything, then I would have more respect for the players. But that hasn't and won't happen.

My friends over at have launched a new show, "Fight Night Radio." It airs every Thursday night at 6 on the BTR Website and on ESPN 1080 in Orlando.The show is devoted exclusively to M.M.A.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Rangers In 60

The MSG Network is now airing Ranger games from the past in the 60 minute condensed format. Great job! I got to see the last few minutes last night of when the Rangers beat the Maple Leafs in January 2001 in which the victory made goalie Mike Richter the all-time leader in franchise history with 301 wins.

It's kind of hard to believe that team missed the playoffs. Yes they had injuries to key players such as Richter, but with Mark Messier, Petr Nedved, Brian Leetch and many other stars, it seemed improbable at the time.

Brock Lesnar's Career Status

Brock Lesnar will learn the fate of his mixed martial arts (M.M.A.) career later this week when he visits his doctor. Lesnar was diagnosed this past fall with an infection in the digestive tract. Basically, if he needs surgery he will be out of action for a couple of years, which would most likely end his M.M.A. career. It also would clear things up for U.F.C. President Dana White who would have to strip Lesnar of the U.F.C. Heavyweight Championship and set up a match to determine a new champ. Click this for more about Lesnar.

Raw Beats T.N.A. In The Ratings

According to the Pro Wrestling Torch, Monday Night Raw did a 3.6 rating with approximately 5.6 million people watching the show, while T.N.A. did a 1.5. While the folks at T.N.A. are ecstatic about the number, the W.W.E. is reportedly disappointed and expected at least a 4.1 with Bret Hart making his return.

Hulk Hogan's commitment is still being questioned by some. Jason Powell of said on last night's Between The Ropes radio show that he wonders if Hogan will end up at Wrestlemania in 2011! So I can only take from that comment that his commitment to the company can't be very strong.

Meanwhile, W.W.E. was said to be completely caught off guard by Jeff Hardy signing with T.N.A., as supposedly he had a verbal agreement to return to the W.W.E. soon.

Stellar booking by T.N.A. as next week's show - taped last night - does not feature Hardy. One would think they would want to build off of his debut.

Pete Townshend Scoop

I'll put Pete Townshend's Scoop album up against anything I've ever listened to and incredibly these are a collection of Townshend's demos. The album is sheer brilliance and gives a different take on some of Pete's solos and songs by The Who. The above song is a favorite of mine, "Mary." I remember when I picked up this CD and just not really grasping the concept that these great songs were only demos. Hey what I can tell you, they didn't have Wikipedia back then. Scoop was released on vinyl in 1983 and later on CD in 1989.

Pete Townshend Cares

The above video is of Pete Townshend performing “Can You Help the One You Really Love” which is from Lifehouse; the aborted project that was supposed to follow up Tommy. Many of the songs from Lifehouse were used for the 1971 Who’s Next album.

One of the quotes below the video on YouTube says it all:
"He says more in this song than almost all rock music has said all through the entire sixties and seventies."

How accurate that statement is.

As far as helping people goes, Pete actually has helped many people. As recently as 2008, The Who played a show in Detroit - which has an estimated 50% unemployment rate - and all profits went to Focus: HOPE (a non-profit civil and human rights organization) and Gleaners Community Food Bank.

Some detractors - and boy are there enough of those in this world - will say that all celebrities donate to charity because it is a tax writeoff. First off, I don't know that ALL celebs are philanthropic and secondly Townshend personally sold fund-raising anti-heroin T-shirts at a bunch of U.K. Bruce Springsteen concerts in 1984.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Genius of Pete Townshend

This is “Unused Piano,” which is a Pete Townshend demo that was never used for the Quadrophenia album, but ended up on Scoop – a CD collection of Townshend demos that are really is the musician.

Inside The Squared Circle: Danielson Debut, Steve Williams Death Recognized, Jericho Plans

A few more thoughts on rasslin'...

Finally, "the best wrestler in the world" Bryan Danielson made his W.W.E. debut, albeit in the "dark" (nontelevised) match last night on Monday Night Raw. He beat Chavo Guerrero and reportedly the two put on a good show with Danielson getting a great reaction from the crowd. Somehow, I think Danielson ends up on E.C.W. and faces Christian for the E.C.W. Championship at the Royal Rumble.

The W.W.E. recognized the death of Steve Williams last night. Williams passed away last week at the age of 49 after a five-year battle with throat cancer.

Now that Chris Jericho can no longer compete on Monday Night Raw, I wonder what are in the cards for Jericho on Smackdown? Does this mean that Edge will be returning early from injury or do they have something else planned?

The Who Giveaway

The Barnes & Noble Website has two offers: win a trip to see the SuperBowl and see The Who halftime show and they are also offering a chance to win a Gibson SG Guitar that has been played by the great Pete Townshend. The link is here.

You can also guess the band's setlist at the big game here.

As much as I would like to go the Super Bowl, I would actually prefer winning the guitar!

Raw vs. TNA Thoughts

I watched the first hour of TNA wrestling last night and then flipped over to Monday Night Raw (although I jumped back and forth a bit during commercials to see what was up on TNA). Surprisingly, the reviews I have read have been very harsh toward TNA. I would say to those fans that they should give it some time and allow TNA to work things out.

Jeff Hardy joining TNA is surprising to most, as it was only reported over the weekend that the WWE was hopeful that Hardy would return and face CM Punk at Wrestlemania. Ric Flair joining TNA was a surprise to none. Others coming aboard – at least for now – are Sean Waltman, Scott Hall, the Nasty Boys, Val Venis and Orlando Jordan.

Of course, the big moment was when Hulk Hogan walked out to the ring at around 9 o'clock, which was the same time that Bret Hart made his return to the W.W.E. and Monday Night Raw for the first time in 12 years.

For me, however, the night was stolen by Shawn Michaels. His interaction with Bret Hart to open Raw was as real as it gets in the world of professional wrestling. Vince McMahon kicking Bret Hart in the guts at the conclusion of the show was the first shot fired in what will undoubtedly be a slow build toward some kind of match between McMahon and Hart at Wrestlemania.

That is, unless if Triple H and Bret hook up somehow at ‘Mania.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Pete Townshend Month

I’ve decided to honor Pete Townshend all month here on my blog. Why? Why not. Besides, with the labeling function on Blogger it gives me the chance to group some cool stuff all under one heading.

This first clip is the close to "Won't Get Fooled Again" at Live Aid in 1985.