Friday, January 22, 2010

Pete Townshend - Keep Me Turning

In 1977, Pete Townshend did an album called Rough Mix with Ronnie Lane; bassist for the Small Faces and later The Faces. Lane was having financial problems and went to Pete for some money. I suppose in an act of tough love, Pete proposed doing an album instead of loaning money to Lane. It's a really good and underrated work by Townshend. The interesting thing is that the two did not collaborate on any songs together as they each wrote their own stuff. In fact, Townshend has co-written very few songs with anyone.

"Keep me Turning" is one of the songs Townshend penned on the record.

Eric Clapton, Charlie Watts and John Entwistle all played on the album.

Sadly, Ronnie Lane passed away due to complications from M.S. in 1997.

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