Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Raw vs. TNA Thoughts

I watched the first hour of TNA wrestling last night and then flipped over to Monday Night Raw (although I jumped back and forth a bit during commercials to see what was up on TNA). Surprisingly, the reviews I have read have been very harsh toward TNA. I would say to those fans that they should give it some time and allow TNA to work things out.

Jeff Hardy joining TNA is surprising to most, as it was only reported over the weekend that the WWE was hopeful that Hardy would return and face CM Punk at Wrestlemania. Ric Flair joining TNA was a surprise to none. Others coming aboard – at least for now – are Sean Waltman, Scott Hall, the Nasty Boys, Val Venis and Orlando Jordan.

Of course, the big moment was when Hulk Hogan walked out to the ring at around 9 o'clock, which was the same time that Bret Hart made his return to the W.W.E. and Monday Night Raw for the first time in 12 years.

For me, however, the night was stolen by Shawn Michaels. His interaction with Bret Hart to open Raw was as real as it gets in the world of professional wrestling. Vince McMahon kicking Bret Hart in the guts at the conclusion of the show was the first shot fired in what will undoubtedly be a slow build toward some kind of match between McMahon and Hart at Wrestlemania.

That is, unless if Triple H and Bret hook up somehow at ‘Mania.

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