Friday, January 22, 2010

Odds & Sods

In many ways, Haiti is sadly being pushed to the back burner by the media.

Keith Olbermann says that everyone that voted for Scott Brown is a racist. Gee, and why is it that Olbermann and the gang over at MSNBC regularly get trounced in the ratings by their competition?

John Halligan, the encyclopedia of the New York Rangers and the N.H.L. passed away this week. He was 68. The New York Times' Stu Hackel does a nice job remembering John here.

If the Jets win, that means more Jets bravado on the radio for two weeks. If they lose, that means a return to talk of the abysmal off-season the Mets are having? Hmmm...tough, tough choice.

John Tortorella is a good coach, but so wrong for this Rangers team and New York. He just can't take criticism as shown here by his verbal confrontation with Larry Brooks after last night's Rangers loss at Philly.

Brock Lesnar is returning and to paraphrase what he said during his recent ESPN appearance, the rest of the heavyweight division in UFC must be having trouble controlling their bowels.

Strikeforce is having a lot of trouble finding an opponent for Bobby Lashley on their January 30 Miami show. At this point, they'll take anybody from what I can see.

Former football great and 47-year-old Herschel Walker will make his m.m.a. debut at that show.

Looks like Floyd Mayweather's next opponent will be "Sugar" Shane Mosley.

The Sex Pistols claimed they were the first punk band, but there are a few others that came before them including the "godfathers of punk," The Who. The story is here.

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