Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ray Davies, Pete Townshend Teaming Up?

Ray Davies (singing "Waterloo Sunset" and "Days" in the video above) reportedly would like to work with Pete Townshend. Davies said he might do another solo record and if the timing was right, perhaps Pete will join him.

Jeff Beck - Greensleeves

Seemingly every musician has done at least one Christmas or holiday-related song. Jeff Beck does "Greensleeves" which was on his 1968 album, Truth. The song "What Child is This" is usually set to the "Greensleeves" music.

The Who - Heaven and Hell (Tanglewood 1970)

The Who are known for opening their concerts with "I Can't Explain" which was their first single and released in 1965. However, there was a time when they used to kick of their shows with "Heaven and Hell," which was written by John Entwistle. Hats off to the YouTuber who took the music and synced it up with the video of the band performing at Tanglewood in 1970.

The Doors - Enter the Hot Dream

I came across The Doors singing "Enter the Hot Dream," a rare recording which someone was good enough to upload on YouTube.

What's Next for Brock Lesnar?

It was the video that got several million views in just a couple of days after it was posted on YouTube. The staredown between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker after Lesnar lost his U.F.C. Championship to Cain Velasquez on October 23. Now there is further speculation about Brock possibly heading back to the W.W.E. for at least an appearance at Wrestlemania. Much of it may just be pure speculation, but Lesnar and his camp haven't done anything to stop the flames from spreading that he will make some kind of appearance at 'Mania.

By the way, mixed martial arts is real. I heard a sports commentator recently question the legitimacy of the sport. W.W.E. is staged, U.F.C. is real.

Jim Morrison - American Prayer

Here's another from Jim Morrison. This one is "An American Prayer" which was off of the last studio album released by The Doors. The former members, Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger and John Densmore got together in 1978 and recorded backing tracks over Jim Morrison's poetry that he recorded around 1970.

Jim Morrison - Far Arden

Jim Morrison always wanted to be remembered as a poet first and foremost. There's no question in my mind, that he was exceptionally talented. Exhibit A is the above video: Morrison recites a section of a poem he wrote called "Far Arden." For the entire poem click this.

The Who - Love Reign O'er Me

Pete Townshend was once asked what his favorite Who song was and he replied "Love Reign O'er Me." You won't get an argument from me, although I'm not sure how you can really boil down an entire catalogue to just one song. I actually was in attendance the night The Who played "Love Reign O'er Me" at the IZOD Center.