Wednesday, November 25, 2009


A YouTube gem I came across recently.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Saturday Night's Fight$

Now let's get this straight boxing, $55 for Manny Pacquiao versus Miguel Cotto while UFC 105 is on Spike TV for free. The mixed martial arts event features Randy Couture getting back into the cage as a light heavyweight against Brandon Vera.

Boxing has destroyed itself by never offering quality matches on t.v. I would like to see Pac Man against Cotto, but I'm just not willing to shell out $55 with the chance - although unlikely in this case - that the fight could go one round. If I were to stay in tomorrow night, the choice is simple for myself and other fight fans and that's a shame for boxing.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


It's been a while....this is "Overture" a close friend of "Odds & Sods."

Sadly, our country has not learned its lessons from the past. When I heard about the massacre at Fort Hood, I immediately thought of Ali Mohammed. Don't know who he is? Mohammed was thrown out of the Egyptian army because he was too radical and joined the U.S. Army, while at the same time acting as a top advisor for al-Qaeda. Reports of his whereabouts are very sketchy, he was arrested in 1998 but has never been sentenced. His wife reportedly said that he basically "vanished into thin air."

The Who are rumored to be playing the SuperBowl.

That will give me one reason to watch the "big game." As thing stands right now, I am "footballed" out and quite honestly, "sportsed" out, if you can even write that, which I guess I can because I just did. Perhaps it's not the on-the-field stuff so much as the garbage that comes along with it. Regardless, it's just not doing it for me currently. Although there is a good fight this weekend.
Back to the SuperBowl....
Some people will like this, some will not. What else is new. The NFL is trying to avoid another Janet Jackson scenario, that we know - although the band will have to drop the f-word from the song "Who Are You."
The Who closed out the Australian Grand Prix in March in front of over 65,000 people and can still bring it live! I saw Roger Daltrey perform solo recently and even with a cold, he is better than most that are currently performing.
Should the NFL go with a younger rock band? Perhaps. But who? There's really nobody that is that intriguing and that's the other reason - aside from the Janet Jackson issue - why the NFL has gone with classic rockers the last few years: the lack of solid bands that are in their 20s and 30s that exist today. Hence, the popularity of Rock Band and Guitar Hero which feature legendary acts. Anyway, I'm not going to waste my time with people on this issue, the half-time show is a half hour, if you don't like it, change the channel!

Chris Jericho was pelted by some glow sticks while he stood in the ring at London's O2 arena and egged on the fans. Fast forward to the 1:47 mark of the below video, Jericho's delayed reaction shows why he is so darn good at the role of being a heel! The fans that threw those sticks are stupid and thankfully Jericho didn't get hurt, but the video is still funny!