Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Who - Big Boss Man

I came across a concert that The Who did in Passaic, N.J. in 1979. Above is the audio of the band performing "Big Boss Man," which is a cover of a song written by Luther Dixon and Al Smith, and although covered by many, is most notably done by Jimmy Reed. By the way, if you don't know the late Jimmy Reed, check out "Shame Shame Shame" here.

Robert Plant's New Song

Robert Plant is releasing an album with his revived Band of Joy. Rolling Stone has a clip of one of the songs, "Angel Dance,"which can be heard by clicking this. The album comes out in September. The rumors of a Led Zeppelin reunion tour are basically dead at this point. Recently, drummer Jason Bonham said a Led Zeppelin reunion with a different lead singer was considered. I think other than one-off concerts there will never be a full-fledged tour.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Who - "Amazing Journey/Sparks" from Houston 1975

When The Who played The Summit in Houston, Texas in 1975, some believed and still believe it was the band's best concert ever. For me this is very debatable. I'm not sure how you can look at a career that has spanned nearly 50 years and say one performance is the definitive moment, however, this concert is really good. It's out there as a bootleg on DVD, but really, the band's management should consider having this cleaned up and released as an "official" DVD.

Regardless, the show contains a stellar performance of "Sparks." Pete Townshend was definitely on that night. I've never seen Pete have a bad performance, but some are better than others and this is one of those occasions.

The Who - "Amazing Journey/Sparks" at Tanglewood

I was forwarded this video of The Who performing "Amazing Journey/Sparks" at Tanglewood in Massachusetts in 1970. I never grow tired of comparing and contrasting performances of "Sparks" and it doesn't matter what era the performance comes from; they all hold up in my opinion.

The audio is courtesy of Wolfgang's Vault and it was synced up with some old video of the concert. The quality of the audio and video are perfect. It might not be a bad idea for the band's management to consider putting together a full-length DVD of this concert.

Can This Man Save T.N.A.?

The big rumor in pro wrestling over the last couple of weeks has been whether or not Paul Heyman will join Total Nonstop Action (T.N.A.). Heyman has made his demands clear to Dixie Carter and that is that he wants full creative control and a piece of the company. Spike TV is said to be fully behind Heyman coming in. Carter, meanwhile, is reluctant to give Paul a percentage of T.N.A. Exactly how the promotion will look if and when Paul takes control is not known, but word is that Heyman will strip the whole thing down, restructure the company and rebrand it.

Heyman, known as "the mad scientist" and featured in the NSFW video above giving his E.C.W. wrestlers a pep talk before their first ever pay-per-view in 1999, has plenty of friends currently working for T.N.A. such as Tommy Dreamer, Taz and Rob Van Dam. The experiment of putting T.N.A. on Monday nights failed miserably and the company seems to be fluttering at this point.

Heyman built Extreme Championship Wrestling (E.C.W) in the 1990s and although from a monetary standpoint the company could not compete with W.C.W. or W.W.E., the product was as good if not better (in my opinion it was better). If Paul Heyman was in charge of a wrestling company that had solid financial backing, which Spike TV and Dixie Carter’s father can provide, then things could get really, really interesting.