Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Raw Beats T.N.A. In The Ratings

According to the Pro Wrestling Torch, Monday Night Raw did a 3.6 rating with approximately 5.6 million people watching the show, while T.N.A. did a 1.5. While the folks at T.N.A. are ecstatic about the number, the W.W.E. is reportedly disappointed and expected at least a 4.1 with Bret Hart making his return.

Hulk Hogan's commitment is still being questioned by some. Jason Powell of said on last night's Between The Ropes radio show that he wonders if Hogan will end up at Wrestlemania in 2011! So I can only take from that comment that his commitment to the company can't be very strong.

Meanwhile, W.W.E. was said to be completely caught off guard by Jeff Hardy signing with T.N.A., as supposedly he had a verbal agreement to return to the W.W.E. soon.

Stellar booking by T.N.A. as next week's show - taped last night - does not feature Hardy. One would think they would want to build off of his debut.

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