Friday, June 19, 2009

Colons/Christian vs. Swagger/The Hart Dynasty on Superstars

The W.W.E.’s Superstars show does not air in the New York area, however, matches like the one in the above video make me wish it did. Last night, the Colons (Carlito & Primo) along with Christian took on The Hart Dynasty and Jack Swagger. Unfortunately, Christian’s team was victorious, but the match was entertaining nonetheless. I’m glad to see the W.W.E. is giving the Harts a push, too bad they are not facing the Colons at next week’s Bash pay-per-view. They are much better heels than the unconvincing tandem of Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. Other matches on Superstars saw Santino Marella lose to Chavo Guerrero and also Eve defeated Layla with Maria as the special guest referee.

Incidentally, I know the W.W.E. loves to stay away from the whole 'rasslin 1980s thing, but changing the name to The Bash from The Great American Bash is weak.

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