Monday, June 22, 2009

The Rise of CM Punk, Jericho Calls Out The Undertaker

Very interesting story in The Sun in which Paul Heyman writes about the rise of CM Punk. Right now, the W.W.E. is doing a great job in promoting Punk as an opportunistic good guy. Essentially, he is playing the role of neither a face or a heel. Heyman, states in the article that when he was tasked in 2005 with putting together the new E.C.W. he had no difficulty in deciding to bring Punk up from developmental. Punk, of course, had some legendary matches prior to the W.W.E. when he was in Ring of Honor against Samoa Joe. One of those matches you can watch here.

Meanwhile, Chris Jericho has begun laying the groundwork for a feud with The Undertaker. He stated in a recent newspaper interview that ‘Taker has been “coasting” the last few years and that they will undoubtedly be crossing paths once Undertaker is “off crutches.” Undertaker had knee surgery after his epic match at Wrestlemania against Shawn Michaels and is expected to return around the middle of next month.

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