Thursday, June 18, 2009

Big Lawsuit Against Big Show = Big Joke reports here that Big Show is being sued by SoBe Entertainment for misleading the company. According to the story, "the suit claims the 7' tall, 500 pound behemoth cut a deal with SoBe Entertainment in 2007 to become a boxer. SoBe claims they paid Mr. Show $84,000 a month and fronted him an extra $1 mil for a house."

First off Mr. Show's real name is Paul Wight. Second of all, the article also says the suit claims the Big Show-Floyd Mayweather bout at Wrestlemania 24 grossed $31,000,000!


What is SoBe Entertainment anyway and why would they pay that much money to someone that has never boxed professionally in the first place? SoBe, by the way, is an entertainment company that represents Brooke Hogan, amongst others, and provides their artists with free MySpace accounts. Once again let's refer back to what that great prophet Derrick Coleman once said, "Whoopdee damn do!"

Oh well, I wish them no ill will. Hopefully, Mr. Show and SoBe can reach an amicable resolution.

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