Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trade Winds Blow On Monday Night Raw

Vince McMahon announced last night on Monday Night Raw that before he purchased Raw from Donald Trump and “fired” him, Trump orchestrated a 15-superstar deal. That means that all three brands have some new additions. Here they are with some comments about each one:

Moving to the Raw roster:
Gail Kim - She's now where she belongs: on the flagship show and hopefully she will be pushed to the top.

Alicia Fox - I've only read that she is horrible in the ring. She seemed to have a good thing going as Michelle McCool's sidekick. I have no idea what role she has now.

Jack Swagger - I wrote on this blog many times that I think Swagger is the real thing and hoped that W.W.E. would bring him along slowly. I hope they aren't rushing him.

Evan Bourne - He would be better suited on Smackdown, where there are more guys he would match up better with.

Mark Henry - Appears to be getting pushed as a babyface.

Moving to the Smackdown roster:
Matt Hardy - He never seemed to fit on Raw.

Finlay - I liked him better on E.C.W.

David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd & Natalya - I suppose they will be facing more competition. All the more reason to split up the tag titles again.

Moving to the E.C.W. roster:
Shelton Benjamin - Is this the last step before Benjamin is out the door?

Goldust - I'll bet you that he is "future endeavored" before Labor Day.

William Regal - E.C.W. may be the place for Regal to rebuild himself.

Brie & Nikki Bella - N/A

I'm surprised that Kozlov was not moved to Monday Night Raw. Reportedly, the are very happy with his progress after they initially rushed him.

Tony Atlas did not accompany Mark Henry on Raw last night, so perhaps he will be in the corner of Ezekiel on E.C.W.

Christian is rumored to be headed to Smackdown in the fall.

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