Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Monday Night Rawful

Last night is what those “in the know” call the go-home show, that is it is Raw’s last airing before a pay-per-view. In this instance, we have the “Extreme Rules” ppv coming up on Sunday.

The W.W.E.’s flagship show right now is in deep trouble. When you take your W.W.E. Champion and a guy that isn’t even 30 and make him look ridiculous in a parking lot brawl against Ric Flair, you are just asking for trouble. Randy Orton, thus far, as W.W.E. Champ, has been a failure in my opinion. Put the belt on John Cena or somebody to give the fans a little bit of excitement. Right now, Orton looks weak. So how will that make Batista look when he loses to Orton this Sunday in a cage? There’s just nothing worthwhile on Monday Night Raw these days.

The Big Show-John Cena feud doesn’t seem to be following any sort of script, which can be a good thing, but in this case it isn’t. Inserting The Miz into this feud in an attempt to put The Miz over is laughable.

The whole Santino Marella-Vickie thing is more overdone than a $2 steak and I’m not sure what the heck they are doing with Matt Hardy.

Meanwhile, M.V.P. acting happy after he dropped the U.S. Championship to Kofi Kingston is a bit of a stretch. But those two have a great deal of potential and I would like to see W.W.E. do more with both of them. I am hopeful that M.V.P. losing the belt means he goes up against Randy Orton next. With Mr. Kennedy getting fired last week, the W.W.E. will need to put someone in a program with Randy Orton.

Tonight, Christian faces Tyson Kidd on E.C.W. in a match that I am very much looking forward to. Right now, E.C.W. is much more compelling than Raw and doesn’t take up as much time.

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