Friday, July 11, 2008

WWE: Cena-JBL Great American Bash Match and Other Thoughts

John Cena will once again be taking on JBL at a pay-per-view, however, this time is will be in a “NYC Parking Lot Brawl” match at the Great American Bash at the Nassau Coliseum. Um, first, wouldn’t it make sense if the show was actually taking place in New York City? Second, that will mark the fourth time that these two have been in the ring together of the last five pay-per-views. Wouldn’t it be more logical to make it a six-man tag team match with Cena teaming up with Cryme Tyme and JBL maybe teaming with anyone?

Meanwhile, with Rey Mysterio on Monday Night Raw, the W.W.E. is reportedly scouting lucha libre wrestlers in Mexico and elsewhere to add to Smackdown and/or ECW. Could that mean that somehow they would be able to reel in big fish, Mistico (pictured), and that we will see more high-flying moves?

One other thing…The W.W.E. has repeatedly shown CM Punk winning the World Title from Edge to the point that they are trying to shove it down our throats. Time will tell how significant a moment it was. If Punk loses to Batista at the Great American Bash, the victory over Edge will be quite insignificant in most fan’s eyes.

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wweisright said...

The wwe does not need mistico they have enough of the high flying type of wrestler.