Friday, July 25, 2008

SummerSlam - Triple H-The Great Khali Reasoning

According to this article here, the W.W.E. is the second most watched "sport" in India behind only when India plays archrival Pakistan in soccer (or futbol as they say in the trade or if you happen to be by yourself).

That lends further credence to why the W.W.E. would put Khali in a bout for the W.W.E. Championship at SummerSlam. I think also that having Edge-Undertaker in a "Hell in the Cell" match sells the show, plus if they have John Cena vs. Batista, that also helps to sell the pay-per-view. I guess they figure having a Triple H throwaway match with the gigantic, albeit uncoordinated Khali coupled with some great matches makes the timing right.

But that won't make the match any better!

I'm trying to figure what direction they'll go with CM Punk at SummerSlam. If they have Cena-Batista, does that mean they'll have CM Punk put the World Championship on the line vs. JBL? So what happens with Kane? Perhaps they go with Kane-Batista and do another - excuse me while I hold my nose - Cena-JBL match.

If I had to make a bet, I'm going to say that it will be Punk-JBL-Cena for the title and then Batista-Kane. They will probably hold out on Cena-Batista until Wrestlemania and only tease us along the way.


Anonymous said...

It was sometime last fall that Dave Batista said in an interview (a real one, not a scripted one) that "putting the title on Khali was one of the most embarassing things the WWE has done in a long time" or something along those lines. I guess they're hoping and praying that Hunter can put on a good match with him, if anyone can he's the only one capable, but I still wouldn't hold my breath.

Here's what I do with the Raw talent at SS - CM Punk vs JBL for the strap, Bradshaw is taking it back sooner or later. Batista vs Kane, continue to work that fued. Leaving Cena against (drumroll please) Chris Jericho since I'm assuming HBK is out "injured" and you can have Jericho get back at Cena for costing him his job a few years back.

Also you can't say for certain that Cena/Batista at Mania is etched in stone. About a year ago the planned Raw main event at Mania was supposed to be Triple H/Kennedy, that never happened. In the heart of Texas if JBL isn't in the main event then you've got a story.

Sean G. Kilkelly said...

Interesting points.

I also read those comments from Batista and yes if anyone can put on a good match with Khali it would be Hunter.

Agreed, JBL will get the title soon, because from what I have read his back isn't that sturdy as you know and he's having a tough time in his comeback.

I saw recently though that HBK is scheduled on a house show coming up soon, so I think they'll probably continue that feud at SS in some way.

So where will Cena be?

I've still got this feeling that he works himself into the match with JBL and Punk.

Can you say opening segment of Raw a new GM gets introduced, JBL demands a title shot with Punk, Punk accepts and then we hear Cena's theme song and then we'll all groan and sigh because we'll know what's coming.