Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Monday Night Raw From Washington, D.C.

The General Manager of Monday Night Raw: Mike Adamle. I’m going to let that sit for a moment or two. No, I still don’t get it. Literally, anyone, anyone, from the back coming down the ramp and taking over the role as new G.M. would have been better than this. It can’t be. Just when I thought Raw was going in the right direction, W.W.E. blows it. Like my old friend Gorilla Monsoon would have said, “What a miscarriage of justice!”

The rest of the show wasn’t bad though, especially, the very stiff match between World Champ CM Punk and William Regal. I really like Regal's wrestling style. I wonder if Punk really did have his nose broken during the match. I also liked Kofi Kingston beating Jamie Noble in a pretty solid match. Kingston gets better every time out.

The W.W.E. has done absolutely nothing to build up tag team champs, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase! Beating Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole? Huh? By the way, “Hardcore” Holly has, I suppose, just accepted that his former tag team partner turned on him for no apparent reason.

Chris Jericho is starting to hit his stride. I would love to see him take on Punk at SummerSlam, but I know it will probably be JBL-Punk and that match may turn out to be a triple-threat with Kane.

I would have been more pumped about the Cena-Batista SummerSlam announcement but I was still bummed about Mike Adamle. Here's hoping that John Cena and Dave Batista will give each other one of the best matches of their careers at SS.

Another week, another bizarre kissy-face moment between Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix.

I’m assuming that Katie Lea Burchill will beat Mickie James for the title at some point or they are lengthening this feud until Candice Michelle returns.


wweisright said...

The fans cry that they are tired of the same old people. The W.W.E. brings in Mike Adamle and you cry about it. Adamle will surprise you and everyone else he will be the best raw gm ever.

Anonymous said...


Your name says it all! Do you just agree with the WWE no matter what? Do you have any opinions of your own? All I can figure is that you are an employee. It seems in your eyes the WWE can do no wrong. Wake up!

wweisright said...

I do not need opinions of my own when the wwe is right all the time. I have grown tired of fans crying about the wrestling biz, because they don't know what is right and the wwe does.

Anonymous said...

I look at it like this - the fans don't like Adamle and the majority of the GMs have been heels (sans Teddy Long), ultimately I can live with this choice. In a perfect world Adamle wouldn't be in the WWE but apparently this is Vince doing a favor for Ebersol, so we're stuck with him like it or not.

Still didn't detract from a great show last night. If Regal didn't mess up his life one time too many he'd probably of had a much better overall career, he showed that again last night. Kofi vs Burchill has great potential and if these guys can both bring their A-games in a match together I think they'll surprise alot of fans. This is the Jericho we've needed since day 1 of his return. And while Batista has improved, his match with Cena could still wind up being the Bore vs the Snore, we shall see though.

Anonymous said...

to wweisright..

I don't get it? Are you Vince McMahon himself? Or just an obsessed stalker fan who has no mind of their own? I am a fairly new fan to wrestling and find most of the storylines interesting. I have studied acting and know something about intention and raising the stakes. I don't really know Adamle and am willing to give him a chance. I was just sitting there Monday night with at lease 5 other scenarios that would have been, in my mind, a little more interesting. I don't claim to be perfect. I have news though, neiither are you or the WWE.