Thursday, July 03, 2008

Ring of Honor Pats Itself On Back

Upstart wrestling promotion Ring of Honor (R.O.H.) is patting itself on the back following CM Punk’s World Championship win in the W.W.E. The company is boosting themselves up because of the rise to glory for their former stars, Punk and current T.N.A. World Champion Samoa Joe (pictured as T.N.A. X-Division Champ).

I’m itching to see R.O.H. as I’ve heard nothing but good things about their product. Although, like my old friend Gorilla Monsoon (somewhat of a sage, he was) would say, “A pat on the back is just 18 inches away from a kick in the pants.” Point being that maybe R.O.H. should get a t.v. deal – I know some folks at a public access channel that may be interested – before they get too cocky.

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