Thursday, July 03, 2008

Odds & Sods

Some interesting and uninteresting things...

Speculation is that Barack Obama is going to make up for the mistake that John Kerry made in 2004, by naming Richard "Dick" Gephardt as his running mate.

Just like I had a problem with some Republicans going after John Kerry's military service, I have the same issue with certain Democrats attacking John McCain's naval career. Kerry (I may not like his politics) and McCain (I'm quite frankly not a huge fan of his politics either) served their country valiantly, case closed!

On a similar topic, I was once a big fan of Sean Hannity. I still like him, however, I lost a great deal of respect for him after he verbally went off on Gen. Wesley Clark on t.v. one evening. Hey, political views aside, the man is a four-star Army General. Maybe I'm old-school, but that instantly garners my respect.

One week I read that al-Qaeda is on the run, the next I hear that President Bush is sending more troops to Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Usama bin Laden once called for the price of oil to reach $144 per barrel, the last I checked it was $146. UBL wanted this nearly 10 years ago. Story here.

No joke, I saw on a news station recently a "breaking news" flash on the crawl which read,"Iran will retaliate if attacked." Seriously.

Good guy: Curtis Sliwa brings his Guardian Angels to patrol the streets of Yonkers.

My favorite liberal: Rob Kuby has returned to the airwaves with an afternoon show on Air America. I miss listening to him and Sliwa in the mornings.

Bad guy caught: Hedge fund swindler Samuel Israel has surrendered to police after going on the lam. Most probably know of his little stunt on the Bear Mountain Bridge.

Rush Limbaugh + $400 million = Laughing all the way to the bank!

People I want to go away: The Hogans.

I'd really love to sit down and ask N.H.L. Commish Gary Bettman what the 2004-2005 lockout accomplished. Why? Well, when I see the Chicago Blackhawks giving defenseman Brian Campbell $58 million for eight years and goalie Cristobal Huet getting nearly $23 million for four years I just shake my head. Nice players that are definitely not worth that many shekels.

Maybe the "almighty" Mike Francesa will soon let us know when he will allow the rest of us to take the Devil Rays seriously. Perhaps after they sweep a team like the Boston Red Sox. Oh, wait a minute didn't that just happen?

Funny stuff from the June 16th Phil Mushnick column: "Michael Strahan retired Tuesday. That afternoon on WFAN, the issue for Mike Francesa wasn't Strahan's 15-year Giant career or his loss to the team as much as it was Strahan's poor relationship with Francesa. NBC's Tim Russert suddenly died Friday. That afternoon on WFAN, the issue for Francesa wasn't so much Russert's career or his passing, but his diminished relationship with Francesa since the Don Imus firing. If a tidal wave hits Long Island this morning, the issue this afternoon on WFAN will be the condition of Francesa's basement."

Does the WNBA still exist?

The boyhood home of George Washington has been found in Virginia by archaeologists. The plan is for the house to get a major renovation to attract tourists. A similar renovation plan is in the works for the home of Edgar Allen Poe in the Bronx.

Finally, here's to a happy Independence Day to you and our great country! Thanks for reading!

Be safe, be happy, be lucky!

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