Tuesday, July 22, 2008

King Tut Gets Into The Batcave

I’m fascinated by Google and am pretty sure that one day they will have their own planet. But recently they claimed that 13 hours of video every minute gets loaded onto YouTube; which Google bought for over $1 billion a couple of years ago.

I don’t know if that is an exaggeration or not, but when I found this gem on YouTube I was pretty taken aback. With all of the hype about the new Batman movie, it got me thinking about the old t.v. show. One of my favorite episodes was when "King Tut" got into the Batcave. I even recall mentioning it to someone a few years ago and they had no idea of the episode or even the "King Tut" character. Now, though, I have proof!

The late Victor Buono played the role of “King Tut.”

To check out this YouTube classic, click here.

Now, to make this a real party I'm going to have to find the old "King Tut" song, which I remember listening to on my oldest brother's 8-track player!

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