Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Sandman In Yonkers Brawl/Monday Night Raw From Mohegan Sun

I haven’t met many wrestlers, however, back in 1995 I met The Sandman. I along with a friend went to E.C.W. in Middletown, NY. I recall going up to the bar to get a couple of drinks when sitting at the bar nursing a beer, smoking a cigarette, holding his Singapore cane, and with his E.C.W. World Title on his shoulder was The Sandman. That night was more memorable for me though because Steve Austin made his debut with E.C.W. after having been fired by W.C.W. and Eric Bischoff via FedEx.

I guess I should be thankful that a brawl didn’t break out like this one in Yonkers Sunday night in which allegedly Sandman was hurling glasses at people and cops!

W.W.E released Sandman in September after an incident with backstage worker, Ricky Steamboat.

As far as Monday Night Raw goes, I only saw the second hour which was OK.

The JBL-Cena thing is overdone and throwing Cryme Tyme and Cody Rhodes/Ted DiBiase into the mix does little to elevate the feud.

Individually, I like CM Punk and Batista, but there is some kind of spark missing from that storyline.

Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella kissing = Funny and a bit creepy.

I’m looking forward to at the very least seeing Evan Bourne do his shooting star press move tonight on E.C.W.

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