Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Monday Night Raw Recap: Punk Wins! Punk Wins! Punk Wins!

CM Punk is the new World Heavyweight Champion! Wow is all I can say. The wrestler that Vince McMahon once referred to as a “stringbean” when it was suggested by Paul Heyman that Punk win the E.C.W. Title is now the World Champion. Unbelievable.

I really love the direction that Monday Night Raw is going in – youth is definitely for the moment being served. With Punk as World Champ, Kofi Kingston as Intercontinental Champ, and Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase as World Tag Champs, all of the titleholders are under 30.

Edge was at his best last night also. Not only in his taunting of Jim Ross, but in his berating of the “Edgeheads” and blaming them for his loss of the World Title.

I also like JBL declaring “martial law” on Raw and thus allowing for chaos to prevail. Other thoughts on last night’s show:

Allowing Jim Ross to come out and speak to the crowd in his home state of Oklahoma was a class-act on the part of the W.W.E. Ross now goes off to the more veteran-laden Smackdown show.

I liked when “Save XP” flashed on the videotron while Chris Jericho made his ring entrance. Some of you may know that Microsoft Windows XP is being discontinued.

In October 2004, a Ring of Honor (R.O.H.) match between CM Punk and Samoa Joe earned the prestigious and rare “five star” rating from Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer. Now Joe sits atop T.N.A. as World Champ while Punk is a World Champ in the W.W.E.

Dare to dream, indeed.


Anonymous said...

Excellent show last night. This is how you generate excitement, not only by having Punk win the strap but by having him hang onto it when somehow it seemed like the odds would favor JBL snatching it from him on the same night. The WWE's youth movement looks like it has great potential and on night one of the new roster it looks like it was a good draft.

And on a non-related note, good job with your mini-rant on the WTC Sean.

Sean G. Kilkelly said...


Good job pointing out about JBL. When I saw his "security" I thought there was no way Punk would keep the belt.

Anonymous said...

Dare to dream indeed!

Well put!

Great stuff on your blog! Keep it comin"!

Sean G. Kilkelly said...