Friday, July 18, 2008

The Who Rocks VH1

VH1 did a very nice job last night with their VH1 Honors The Who show. I liked the way they mixed up the commentary from musicians and actors with the performances of the Foo Fighters, Incubus, Flaming Lips and Pearl Jam. Tenacious D and Adam Sandler also were very good – especially Sandler! Sprinkled in with all of it were interviews with The Who and their associates talking about the band and their music. Some of the clips were taken from rockumentary Amazing Journey, however, I would say the majority was fresh stuff.

The Who predictably knocked the ball out of the park with their usual classics and then closing with the tune "Tea and Theatre" from Endless Wire (2006).

A couple of other quick ones (pun intended): Check out my top 20 songs by The Who by clicking (20-11) and (10-1). Also, find out why there are 100 million reasons why Pete and Roger will put aside their differences for the upcoming U.S. Tour by clicking here.

Now, this report is according to an “unnamed source” that spoke with the New York Post. Hmmm….Kind of reminds me of how in 1996 the Post reported the trade of Wayne Gretzky from the L.A. Kings to the New York Rangers was imminent and that Gretz was shopping in Rye for a home. Hmmm…I was so excited I think I stayed up all night watching the ESPN crawl and listening to WFAN to hear when the deal would be finalized. It never came. Another New York Post exclusive! Which like my old friend Gorilla Monsoon (yes, him again) would say, that and a subway token gets you to Brooklyn as long as you don’t get robbed along the way. Hmmm…

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