Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Monday Night Raw Recap

I watched the first 45 minutes of Monday Night Raw last night and thought it was pretty good with an emphasis on wrestling and less on repetitive video packages and long monologues. Although, after watching Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase on the microphone I changed the channel, which I think is going to happen quite often if these two don't improve.

I came back later to witness the ridiculousness which was JBL driving a car toward a prone John Cena, who obviously moved. The W.W.E.’s website reported that Cena was just “grazed” and will be ready to do battle with JBL on Sunday at the Great American Bash. Uh, shouldn’t JBL be charged with attempted murder? I know it is a t.v. show, however, the W.W.E. really should walk a more careful line with murder angles based on past history in professional wrestling. Seriously, this ending to Raw reminded me of how W.C.W.'s Monday Nitro would conclude in the final days of World Championship Wrestling.

From what I’ve read, I’m glad I switched over to watch some of the great programming that VH1 is providing this week in the run-up to their show Thursday night honoring The Who.


wweisright said...

I did not find anything wrong with the way the show ended. Comparing it to nitro is a bit of a stretch.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing was there were two matches that stood out - Kane vs CM Punk and JBL/Rhodes/Dibasie vs MC Whitey/Cryme Time, which were going really well for the most part (sans John's miracle comeback/clearing house in a Hulkamania style like he typically does), but they both had lousy endings. I guess they didn't want to slow Kane's push with a pinfall loss but I hated that ending. And since when was kicking a guy to break up a submission a DQ? You can do that during a pinfall and it's ok but there it was wrong? Made no sense, and the car routine wasn't dumb rather it was predictable.

Also I think you brought this up a few weeks back Sean, I agree that Kofi Kingston is really starting to make an impression. That was probably his best match to date thus far.

wweisright said...

to anonymous both matches that you speak of actually made sense the way they ended.

Anonymous said...

Ok wweisright, elaborate. I'll be fair and say that the ending of Punk/Kane made sense (in fact I wasn't questioning whether or not that finish did), I just felt it was just a bad way to end what was a quality match. I'll ask this again, since when was kicking a guy to break a submission a DQ?

wweisright said...

to anonymous neith Punk or Kane can lose by pinfall on tv right now bc they both are getting pushed breaking up a sub is not a dq but it is new writing and something that has not been done before and that is what everyone screamed and yelled about.

Anonymous said...

So on Punk/Kane you pretty much repeated what I said from the start with regards to pushes. I still thought it was a lousy ending to a good match.

"breaking up a sub is not a dq"

So why was it all of a sudden last night? New writing? What the heck does that have to do with the rules of a wrestling match? And who was screaming and yelling? The fans? As if it that was something different all of a sudden?

Once again I felt like the ending of the 6 man made no sense and came off as a lousy finish to an otherwise good match. And you really haven't said anything to clarify how it made sense.

Sean G. Kilkelly said...

Wow! Thanks for the comments!

Although I'm going to put on the all-star game, I will definitely switch over to watch the Hardys against Miz/Morrison on ECW tonight.