Friday, July 25, 2008

Pete Townshend Speaks On: Feud With Roger, VH1 Rock Honors, Eddie Vedder

He's one of the better interviews in rock and really in all of entertainment for that matter because he never gives canned remarks. Pete Townshend may say things tongue-in-cheek that get the usual tightasses of the world even more uptight (Prozac is strongly recommended for those folks), but he always has something interesting to say. This link is from Rolling Stone in which Pete talks about the VH1 Rock Honors Show, Eddie Vedder and some other items.

He also wrote recently the following in regards to his alleged dustup with bandmate Roger Daltrey:

"The delicious gossip from (blogger) Perez (Hilton) is that Perce (Daltrey) and I have separate dressing rooms. That may be true but we chat about the show in the steam room and whip each other with birch twigs."

Canned comments? I think not!

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