Friday, July 25, 2008

Dream Match: Rob Van Dam vs. CM Punk

I got to see One Night Stand 2006 on WWE 24/7 recently. I watched the match in which Rob Van Dam beat John Cena for the W.W.E. Title two times so far! It was a great match and a great moment! I actually feared for John Cena's life, because as the sign said "If Cena Wins We Riot." I also give Cena a lot of credit for going into the stands and brawling with RVD at the Hammerstein Ballroom during the bout.

But then I began thinking of how much of a shame it is that RVD (pictured) is on hiatus from wrestling. I also hope RVD's wife gets better; someone that genuinely seems like a nice person.

But when most importantly his wife recovers God willing and RVD recharges his batteries, wouldn't it be great to see him come back and take on CM Punk. I suppose it may seem selfish of me, but I would love to see these two in the ring at least once!

The battle of two "Money in the Bank" match winners going head to head! Both have similar styles in my estimation, although RVD does the more "extreme" moves.

In my opinion, this potential match has "Dave Meltzer Five Stars" written all over it!

Vince are you reading?

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