Wednesday, July 23, 2008

SummerSlam 2008 **Contains Spoilers**

Smackdown was taped last night and so a couple of items below occurred at that taping which airs this Friday night. So if you don’t want any spoilers, don’t read…

Apparently, Vickie Guerrero accepted an apology from Edge for his "cheating ways" and decided to do something to him. What would that be? Oh, how about a “Hell in the Cell” match at SummerSlam next month against the reinstated Undertaker?

Yes, that is what will be taking place to culminate this feud! So that’s something I am really looking forward to, where both wrestlers will hopefully have their best match of ‘em all! Two of the best workers in the business in what will no doubt be a fabled, albeit very violent match! Can't wait!

Now, before we move on, last night Matt Hardy won a four-way match on ECW to get a shot at Mark Henry’s ECW Championship (I don’t like the new silver one by the way). Eh, I’m going to hope that this means that Hardy will get the belt so we can have better matches for that championship. I mean who wouldn’t want to see Hardy-Evan Bourne or Hardy-John Morrison. Mark Henry limits things because of his massive size.

Now, we get to W.W.E. Champ Triple H. The Great Khali won a mini-battle royale at last night's taping to earn the right to face Hunter for the title at SummerSlam. Forgive me, but what is the fascination with Khali? Of all the talented guys on the Smackdown roster, why would Khali get a title shot at a pay-per-view, and one that is considered one of the four majors?

Why? Why? Why?


wweisright said...

you ask why and it is very simple to answer. the great khali has an international presence and that means money for vince.

Sean G. Kilkelly said...

I understand about the marketing aspect with Khali and how he was treated like The Beatles when he went back to India. But, seriously!

I'm hoping there is an angle to all of this and it will not be Triple H-Khali, but how can that possibly be on one of the four major shows of the year for the WWE. There are so many other guys that could put on a good show with Hunter.

It's crazy if they go through with this. But Edge-Undertaker will sell the show, so I guess WWE figures they can put anything else on the card and it won't matter.