Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tribute To World Class and The Von Erichs

I had to see what YouTube had in regards to videos and the Von Erichs and I came across this one which is a tribute to not only the Von Erichs, but the Texas-based territory World Class Championship Wrestling. For a regional promotion it’s just amazing how many top guys they had. Sadly, though, so many in the video are gone from this world. I watch and see the Von Erichs, Terry Gordy, Gino Hernandez and then Bruiser Brody.

Some have compared Mike Knox with Brody, but let me tell you there was nobody like Frank ”Bruiser Brody” Goodish! The wildman with the crazy hair and unpredictable ring persona was as tough as they come – and supposedly he was a legit tough guy. Brody was killed by a fellow wrestler while working down in Puerto Rico. By some crazy technicality, the man who stabbed Brody to death after he stepped out of a shower was able to get off and did no time, though everyone in the business knows who did it.

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