Monday, December 29, 2008

Maryse Hurt, McCool Heel Turn Thoughts

Maryse is apparently going to be out a while due to some sort of knee injury she sustained in a tag team match over the weekend in North Carolina. Too bad for her, because she recently won the W.W.E. Divas Championship from Michelle McCool.

McCool would turn heel in that match by beating up guest referee Maria in one of the worst heel turns I have ever seen. I think back to when Paul Orndorff turned on Hulk Hogan by laying him out with a piledriver or when Shawn Michaels turned on Hogan with his superkick. Those turns were quick and definitive; there was no question as to the performer going over to the side of the heels.

But McCool beating up Maria after she somehow cost her the title with a slow count was ridiculous. McCool dragged Maria around, but there was nothing definitive about it. In fact, I thought Maria was going to be able to fight back and beat up McCool.

If the W.W.E. wants to build a more solid stable of women wrestlers on Smackdown then they need to put someone over in an unquestionable fashion. A memorable finishing move would be a start for McCool.

Back to the original part of this post, I’m going to assume that Maria will take the Divas title now in some kind of squash match since Maryse will be limited or quite possibly we will see the title vacated and a tournament with a Maria-McCool final.

Regardless, another injury hits a W.W.E. performer. Don’t these things usually come in threes, let’s hope not.

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