Friday, December 26, 2008

After Sundin, What's Next For Rangers?

While the N.H.L. and the New York Rangers enjoy a freeze on roster activity during the holidays, it's time to speculate on what may be coming for the Blueshirts after not being able to lure free agent Mats Sundin into the fold.

I had mixed feelings about bringing in Sundin; yes he's a good player but I'm not sold that a big name with a big contract was the answer. I see this Rangers' team as a low profile type that will win games based on hustle and outworking the opposition. That being said, the Rangers are neither tough enough, nor big enough to win a Stanley Cup as presently constituted.

Before the March trade deadline, I'm hopeful New York will bring in either a gritty checking forward that can score the odd goal or a big defenseman that is tough in front of the net. Would I like to see more than that? Yes, of course, but the issue of the salary cap is now and forever a deciding factor.

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