Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Night Raw/Smackdown Visit Toronto Tonight

Tonight Monday Night Raw will take place in Toronto at the Air Canada Centre – with a taping of Smackdown preceding the Raw show. E.C.W. will not be taped this week and instead they will air a “best of” tomorrow night. Hopefully, that doesn’t mean another "riveting" Finlay-Mark Henry match.
Anyway, tonight’s Raw show features four big matches, although one is in doubt according to Jim Ross. The four matches are Kane-Shawn Michaels, JBL-Rey Mysterio, CM Punk-Chris Jericho, Batista-Randy Orton. The winners will all face off in a fatal four-way match on the December 29th Raw and then the winner of that will face John Cena at the Royal Rumble on January 25 for the World Title. Batista is most likely not going to be appearing, according to Jim Ross, due to the punt to the head that he took on last week’s Raw.

Trish Stratus (pictured) has been quoted as saying that she will be at tonight's Raw show. I had thought maybe she would have been at last week's Monday Night Raw to set up some kind of angle, but she wasn't. Stratus has said that she doesn't know if she will be on-camera or not.

Meanwhile, Candice Michelle has a new commercial for Go Daddy here.
Interesting interview here in The Sun with William Regal who says that although Santino Marella is funny, humor will only take you so far and that Santino needs to work on his in-ring ability to have a lasting career. Regal also says that there are few that can handle his style - which is more stiff or real - and looks forward to working with CM Punk; someone that Regal believes is up to the task.

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