Monday, December 29, 2008

Mangini Out, Time To Get Cowher

So the Jets have gone and fired Head Coach Eric Mangini; the boy genius is gone. Well, folks that means the bidding war can now begin for Bill Cowher between the New York Jets and the Cleveland Browns (who have fired Romeo Crenell).

If I’m the Jets, though, I’m all over Cowher; he’s got New York written all over him. Some might say this is another case of a New York team going for the big-name, but Cowher is more than just a name, he’s a heck of a football coach and he’s tough. There will be no question as to who is in charge and he’ll be good with the media. The Jets aren’t that far away from contending and from where I sit there’s no other guy out there that can guarantee Jets' fans playoffs right away except for Bill Cowher.

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