Monday, December 15, 2008

Bobby Lashley Debuts In MMA, Wants Brock Lesnar

Former W.W.E. star Bobby Lashley defeated Joshua Franklin in his mixed martial arts debut on Saturday night in Miami. The fight was stopped after only 41 second had elapsed due to Lashley opening a nasty cut on Franklin's forehead. Lashley fought in the debut of the promotion, Mixed Fighting Alliance (MFA).

Despite one MMA fight, Lashley already has his sights on bigger fish. An article in the Miami Herald quotes Lashley as saying:

''I am a wrestler, and Brock is a wrestler. If [Lesnar] wants to match skills, we match skills,'' said a confident Lashley, after defeating Joshua Franklin in their MMA debuts Saturday, Dec. 13 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami.

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Honestly, U.F.C. Champ Brock Lesnar is a bit unproven and Lashley is especially untested, however, if these two could get a few more fights under their belts a Lesnar-Lashley match would be a huge draw.

Many people think that Kurt Angle is the one that Vince McMahon let get away, but I think Lashley can be put in that category as well, for other reasons though. When you consider the dearth of African-American wrestlers in W.W.E. – that don’t use stupid gimmicks like R-Truh and Cryme Tyme – the 32-year-old Lashley would have been someone that could have been a top star in W.W.E. for many years. Yes, he needed some work on the mic, but with his amature wrestling background (three N.C.A.A. wrestling championships while at Missouri Valley College), there was no reason to think he would not have been a $u$tainable draw.

Someone over at Titan Tower in Stamford goofed big-time with Lashley!

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