Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Can Be "Blue" Sometimes

I meant to post this link the other day and am glad to be putting it up now. My friends over at WNEW.com posted some of the lyrics of "River" from Joni Mitchell's Blue album.

The song talks about Christmas not always being so cheery for everyone. Fortunately, I had a nice Christmas this year and I hope you did, as well. But some folks did not. Obviously, the people who were were killed by that nut dressed like Santa, but there were other examples as well, some not as obvious as others.

Have you ever noticed there always seem to be celebrities that die on Christmas? Eartha Kitt this year and I remember when an inebriated Billy Martin died in an auto accident in 1989.

If you want to read more about Mitchell's song, click this.

Many say Blue was her finest album, but I think she has some others that are just as good.

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