Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cheraponv Used Performance Enhancers

New York Rangers superprospect Alexei Cherepanov used performance enhancement drugs for months leading up to his death. That is the news from Russia about the 19-year-old that died during a hockey game while playing for Omsk. He also had a bad heart to begin with and should not have been playing hockey, according to the report.

The Rangers were hopeful that they would get a supplemental draft pick in next summer's draft as compensation for the death of the Russian. But this report opens a whole can of worms. Were the Rangers in some way negligible? Didn't they pick up the heart ailment or that he was using drugs? This story gets more and more strange.

The report also found that the medical crew at the arena that responded after Cherepanov collapsed on the bench were negligent and unprofessional.

Very sad story.

For more, Larry Brooks of the New York Post has this.

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