Friday, June 13, 2008

W.W.E. Polling and Contest

The Incredible Hulk movie comes out tonight and so has a poll up here on who is the “all-time incredible Hulk” of the W.W.E.

Tough choice for me. Andre The Giant? Maybe. Big John Studd? Sure. Vader? That’s probably my vote. What a transformation he made! Vader, a former L.A. Ram, went from being the portly “Baby Bull” Leon White to being a legit badass.

The chance to win some of Vince McMahon’s money may be coming to an end soon, so why not register for a chance to win over here. Ratings did not get the bump that the company was looking for, so if that continues, this Monday night will most likely be the final time they'll have the contest. It may take away from the show, but I’m sure the winners aren’t complaining!

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