Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Monday Night Raw Thoughts

A couple of quick thoughts on Monday Night Raw from last night…

Overall a good show, but I don’t like when the opening segment is a rant or an interview with a wrestler. Better to start with an actual wrestling match in my opinion. Also, I found it quite disturbing that a fan jumped over the barrier and got into the ring during the John Cena-Jeff Hardy main event match. It also looked as though the security had a heck of a time trying to restrain said individual. The same sort of thing happened last week during a Raw dark match and the next night during the Smackdown taping in a segment that had to be edited out.

The W.W.E. is having a press conference today at noon in Los Angeles to promote the giveaway of Vince McMahon’s money and supposedly something else. We’ll see. If you want to get in on the action to win some of McMahon's dough, go to WWE.com.

Cena defeated Hardy in match that determined who would face Triple H at Night of Champions. I thought Cena-Hunter would be held out until SummerSlam, but I suppose the W.W.E. needs a marquee matchup for that pay-per-view.

It just seems way too obvious that Cody Rhodes is going to turn heel when he and "Hardcore" Bob Holly drop the tag team straps to Ted DiBiase and his mystery partner - Cody Rhodes himself?

For the folks who love the women grapplers of T.N.A., it appears now that the W.W.E. has another legit lady wrestler in Katie Lea…she’s not just another pretty face as my old friend Gorilla Monsoon used to say. I’m now betting that it will be Katie Lea, not Beth Phoenix, challenging Mickie James at Night of Champions for the W.W.E. Women's Title.

I’m really intrigued by the whole Chris Jericho-Shawn Michaels-Batista angle and how it will play out. This whole thing about Jericho losing a bit of his killer instinct by not hitting a prone JBL with a chair is good stuff. As far as storylines go in general, I like when they drop subtle hints instead of giving away the dessert while your still working on the appetizer, or something like that.

Oh yeah, Big Show apparently has to go for an M.R.I. due to the repeated blows to the head he took on Sunday night. There are some pictures of Big Show on the W.W.E.'s website showing how badly his face got messed up, particularly around his left eye.


Anonymous said...

Desparate times apparently call for a desparate cry for attention from McMahon.

Vince you say you want to give the fans what they want, well here's a idea for ya - how about good wrestling on a regular basis? You were doing allright for a few months at the start of the year you know. Or how about instead of that stupid contest announcement last night you put on a worthwhile match thus using the time much better? I can't speak for everyone but I'd like to believe that most fans would agree.

The show (and for that matter the PPV outside of the main event) was so boring that I wound up turning on the Stanley Cup Finals last night which was much more exciting. The MMA show on Saturday night was also more entertaining than anything Vince has put on the table in the last forty eight hours.

wweisright said...

to anon: if it is so bad why do you watch?

Anonymous said...

to wweisright: because as I wrote sometimes it's good and you'd like to hope that it's good more often than it's bad. In my opinion the first four months of WWE programming this year were good, since Mania though it's back on the downside. As a fan should I not hope for it to get better? Should I not want to see good wrestling on a consistent basis?

Sean G. Kilkelly said...

Thanks to both of you for commenting.

I think that the WWE really loses out by not having any competition.

TNA lost in the ratings to AM Raw which airs at what, 2 a.m. so at this point I would not say they are viable competition for Vince!

I agree with you that the first four months of WWE was really good this year.

Too bad about William Regal because he was starting to really hit a stride which would have helped.

Anonymous said...

"I think that the WWE really loses out by not having any competition."

Exactly, well put Sean! Ten years ago you had Vince bragging ratings of 7.0 and higher and beating out the NBA playoffs in viewership, I want it to get back to that! As horrible as it was toward the end the worst thing that happened to the business was Vince buying WCW and making the WWE a "defacto" monopoly shall we say, without competition there's nowhere near the drive for great programming like there used to be.

Just like the WWE, TNA has it's pros and cons, same applies for Ring Of Honor, but right now neither are in a position to be competition mainly because their exposure is so minimal.