Thursday, June 12, 2008

Monday Night Raw: What A Dog!

So sorry to have gone postless the last few days, but I’ve needed a few days to get over what the W.W.E. put forth on Monday night. For a variety of reasons I was pretty tired, so I thought my judgement may have been a bit skewed about the show. But most people seem to be in agreeance with me that McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania is a miscarriage of justice!

There were several problems with it, but the biggest one that I had was that it completely overshadowed Monday Night Raw. Time for W.W.E. and their “creative” writing team to go back to the drawing board.

The lone bright spot of the show was the apparent heel turn by Chris Jericho after he threw Shawn Michaels into the Jeritron. Shawn Michaels is the main attraction for me on Raw these days, but hasn’t he always, though.

Brian Danielson defeated Lance Cade via submission in the “dark match.” Danielson is still working for Ring of Honor and for whatever reason, R.O.H. gave him permission to work Raw. Maybe this is a sign of the W.W.E. working with some of the other promotions. If you recall, they did the same thing at the dawn of the “Attitude Era."

Regardless, I have heard only positive things about Danielson.

Joe Hennig, son of the late Mr. Perfect, has started working for the W.W.E.'s developmental league, Florida Championship Wrestling.

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