Thursday, June 12, 2008

W.W.E. Musings

Quite a few things aren’t making sense to me these days with the W.W.E.

For one, I don’t understand why they are burying CM Punk. I’ve read that Vince McMahon thinks he is a “stringbean.” I guess you could be called worse. But let’s face facts, CM Punk and Samoa Joe, while both working for R.O.H., put on a rare Dave Meltzer “five-star match.” Meltzer, is one of the best sports journalists around, period. His judgement is better than mine will ever be about what goes on inside the wrestling ring and so to me that means that Punk has the ability for greatness. Why he isn’t being pushed is beyond me.

The W.W.E. builds up Beth Phoenix as this indestructible force, only to have her drop the Women’s Championship and then stick her in a directionless feud with Melina.

Mr. Kennedy and Paul Burchill start a feud but it seems like it is already over. Kennedy won a quick match over Burchill Monday night. Yes, Burchill attacked Mr. K after the bout, but any element of intrigue to this is gone by the fact that Kennedy already beat Burchill so easily. Also, why did they take away Kennedy's microphone shtick?

Triple H-Randy Orton-John Cena have gone 'round and 'round for the W.W.E. Championship while over on Smackdown, The Undertaker-Edge-Batista have done the same tango for the World Championship. Any chance of perhaps mixing it up? Pretty please!

Yet, despite all of this there is a lot of good with the W.W.E. I like the Shawn Michaels-Chris Jericho feud. I also think that if young Ted DiBiase can wrestle as good as he can talk, the W.W.E. has a future star on their hands. A young faction of second and third-generation wrestlers also could work really well.

It’s pretty amazing that there are so many young guys of that ilk right now, not to mention Jim Neidhart’s daughter, Natalya (both pictured).

Incidentally, I would have Carlito drop Santino Marella as his tag team partner and bring up his brother Eddie Colon from F.C.W. to form a tandem.

Santino’s career really needs some revitalizing; they’ve basically buried the guy by having him lose to every scrub and their mothers.

Kofi Kingston, John Morrison and Lance Cade all seem to have some potential, as well, if packaged correctly.

Finally, I am a bit perplexed as to why the W.W.E. would hold the draft on June 23 and then have the Night of Champions pay—per-view on June 29. Most, if not all of the matches are set for the p.p.v. so why not have the draft the night after Night of Champions. The way the draft goes will basically tell us how the pay-per-view will turn out.

We’ll see, I guess.

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