Monday, June 23, 2008

The W.W.E. Draft

Apparently, a slow week in the blogosphere, but all that promises to change this week with so much going on.

If tonight isn’t the most important night of the year for World Wrestling Entertainment than it certainly is one of. It’s the W.W.E. Draft! All three brands will be shaken up on Monday Night Raw, emanating live from San Antonio, Texas at 8 p.m.

Things are very, very tight so nothing has leaked out. Although Vince McMahon told shareholders recently that Umaga would be going to Smackdown. But as far as I’m concerned they have done a whole heap of damage to the Umaga character by never having him beat anyone credible, so a brand change could be good for Umaga, especially if he is rebuilt, perhaps in a tag team duo with his relative Afa Jr. But that’s just a thought on my part.

So what will happen this evening?

It’s a dare I say million dollar question, because the way the rosters break out after this evening will undoubtedly have a major impact on a product that has grown stale over the last couple of months – perhaps longer. This will all occur with Vince McMahon giving away $1 million again.

I don’t know how much wrestling will be on the show tonight between the draft and the giveaway segments, but this evening's show does have promise if some big surprises occur. I’m sure the W.W.E. is expecting stellar ratings for tonight, however, if they want to keep that up, they’ve got to do something big, something completely unexpected, yet something that makes sense.

John Cena to Smackdown? Eh, ok. Batista to Raw? That’s fine. But the move that has to be made is Triple H to Smackdown. That would give me and many others a whole bunch of new reasons to watch the W.W.E.’s “B” show. With a new network taking Smackdown in the fall, having Triple H as the show’s centerpiece would really be something.

Triple H can beat Cena at Night of Champions on Sunday and take the W.W.E. title with him to Smackdown. Meanwhile, Edge can drop the World Title to Batista, who if drafted to Raw, would then take the World Heavyweight Championship to the flagship brand. That would instantly set up a Hunter-Edge feud - something that we haven't seen before.

Oh and who wouldn't want to see Shawn Michaels win the World Championship once more? Something that could be done with HBK beating Batista. While we're at it why not have that match on Raw? Now that would put butts in the seats!

We’ll see. Just some ideas on my part. Let's just hope that the biggest move of the night isn't Snitsky going back to E.C.W.!!!

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