Monday, June 30, 2008

Rags' No-Hitter! 25 Years? Really?

So I was looking at the upcoming Yankees schedule in the paper this morning and realized that the Yankees will be playing the Red Sox this Friday July 4th at Yankee Stadium. OK. What came back to memory for me is that the day will mark the 25th anniversary of Dave Righetti’s no-hitter against Boston.

The cynical side of me will add this: I’ve met way too many people over the years that claim to have been at that game. I’m sure that not all of these folks are fibbing, but last I checked the current capacity of Yankee Stadium is 57,545.

I wonder if they (Yankees, YES, etc.) will recognize it – I’m sure they will – although "Rags" works for the San Franscisco Giants these days as a pitching coach.

Still, just amazing to me how it seems like yesterday.


Rob Adams said...

I can tell you that I was not there. I can further tell you that I was at a picnic at my house, and the game was on SportsChannel. We didn't get cable until July, 1985, so I didn't see a single pitch. To add insult to injury, I popped on the radio to see what had happened just in time to hear the late Frank Messer say, "welcome to the postgame show...on a day in which Dave Righetti has thrown the first no-hitter by Yankee..."

A similar thing happened with Wells' perfecto in '98. I was at a convention in Vegas and had no clue until I got back to my hotel room.

Good times.

Anonymous said...

Righetti Dave has just thrown a no hitter. He struck out Boggs Wade as the Yankees win 0 to 4. Weiss Mike definitely would have taken Righetti over the fence that day. Do you guys think Righetti could have been the ace for the Bluefish? It's just a question, Chief.

Anonymous said...

Is anybody upset that Uga VI died. He was the mascot for the Georgia Bulldogs. I believe that the anniversary of Righetti's no-hitter pales in comparison to Uga's death. Can I get an amen for the bobbleheads? Now I will saunter my ass over to Rack and Roll propose a toast to Uga.

Rob Adams said...

He'd take it like a champ.

Oh that's what he'd do!

Good day, sir!

RIP Ugi Vi.

Don't laugh, Rack and Roll is open and under new ownership.

Sean G. Kilkelly said...


My only question is was it an Elvis convention?


Sean G. Kilkelly said...

Good times by all at the rack!

Rob Adams said...

I wish...

I want to know who this "anonymous" person is.

Sean G. Kilkelly said...

I think it's the guy from Trumbull High School!