Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Inside The Squared Circle: Big Show Now A Big Question? New E.C.W. GM, Draft Thoughts, **WARNING: SPOILERS AT THE END**

The Big Show (pictured above making life miserable for Kurt Angle) has been diagnosed with a broken nose and possible broken orbital bone as a result of his match at One Night Stand. The question now becomes will he be able to wrestle Kane at Night of Champions at the end of this month? Somehow I think he will, because the W.W.E. can’t afford to have another period like last year where they start losing guys to injury, suspension, etc.

Meanwhile, as of last night Teddy Long is the new GM of E.C.W. replacing Armando Estrada. To me this is a waste of talent. Teddy Long should either be GM of Smackdown or Monday Night Raw, not the third-string E.C.W. Estrada should either go back to managing or become a heel commentator.

In general, I’m no fan of the three man booth, but he would provide some spark with any of the three commentating tandems.

I find it really interesting that not only are the wrestlers eligible to be drafted and thus switch brands, but so are the commentators. Done right, this draft could really be a good thing for the W.W.E.

Randy Orton will be out three months with what is saying is a compress fracture of his left collarbone.

I was impressed by Matt Sydal in his countout loss, albeit a quick one, to Shelton Benjamin last night on E.C.W.

-Cousin Sal (who came out to the song "Working for a Living" by Huey Lewis and the News) beat Santino Marella due to outside interference from Jimmy Kimmel and Roddy Piper.
- The Great Khali made his "triumphant" return to beat Deuce & Domino.
- There will be a Smackdown version of the W.W.E. Women's Title.
- Batista, Nunzio, Funaki and Colin Delaney defeated Edge, Curt Hawkins, Zach Ryder and Chavo Guerrero (w/Bam Neeley and Vickie Guerrero).
- Batista defeated Edge and Vickie Guerrero.

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another ladies belt? mcmahon won't draw ratings that way.