Wednesday, June 25, 2008

W.W.E. Holding Supplemental Draft (UPDATED 3:15 P.M)

Well, it's not an infomercial but annoying Maria (pictured) was drafted off of Monday Night Raw to Smackdown! Here are all of the roster moves of this afternoon's supplemental draft:

1- Mark Henry drafted to ECW (from Smackdown)
2- Jamie Noble to Raw (from Smackdown)
3- Trevor Murdoch to Smackdown (from Raw)
4- Big Daddy V to Smackdown (from ECW)
5- Deuce to Raw (from Smackdown)
6- DH Smith to Smackdown (from Raw)
7- Hornswoggle to ECW (from Smackdown)
8- Super Crazy to ECW (from Raw)
9- Chuck Palumbo to Raw (from Smackdown)
10- Brian Kendrick to Smackdown (from Raw)
11- Matt Striker to Raw (from ECW)
12- Maria to Smackdown (from Raw)
13- Shelton Benjamin to Smackdown (from ECW)
14- Finlay to ECW (from Smackdown)
15- Carlito to Smackdown (from Raw)
16- Layla to Raw (from ECW)
17- Kofi Kingston to Raw (from ECW)


Anonymous said...

Like a fine wine, the W.W.E. gets better with age.

Sean G. Kilkelly said...

Is this Billy Barty?

Anonymous said...

Groundball to the shortstop...the shortstop fields it...throws the ball to the first baseman...the runner is out.

With the score...Greenwich is on top...2 to 15.

Did Billy Barty say that?