Monday, June 02, 2008

Last Ride For Undertaker At One Night Stand?

Results from last night’s One Night Stand pay-per-view and some thoughts…

Edge over The Undertaker (TLC Match for World Championship)
Is this the end of The Undertaker? Edge won the belt with a lot of help from his friends in an outstanding match. Undertaker is said to be taking an extended hiatus, so he’ll return at some point. But is it possible that he just unceremoniously walks off into the sunset?

W.W.E. Champion Triple H defeated Randy Orton (Last Man Standing Match)
These two have had some good matches, but never a great one, that trend continued last night. The match had an anticlimactic ending, which was soon explained after it was revealed that Randy Orton had legitimately hurt his collarbone. I wondered last week what direction they would go in with Orton following this bout and there was a hint during a backstage segment in which Randy asked Batista if he would like to reform Evolution. Batista said nothing, but regardless that angle is now presumably off for a while with the Orton injury.

John Cena bludgeons JBL (First Blood Match)
Good match, with some pretty violent spots. Do they continue this feud or does the W.W.E. follow my rantings and match up JBL and Mr. Kennedy?

Shawn Michaels loses to Batista in a Stretcher Match
Batista was dominant in this match, especially in the latter half. Michaels does a tremendous job of selling injury, but I thought that giving Batista such a dominant role limited Michaels a bit. So does Batista now challenge Edge at Night of Champions? Seems logical.

Jeff Hardy beat Umaga (Falls Count Anywhere)
Hardy makes me nervous whenever he does those high-risk maneuvers. I’m sure there was some camera trickery involved, but diving onto Umaga on the cement is still quite risky. Does Hardy go after Jericho next?

Big Show defeated John Morrison, Tommy Dreamer, Chavo Guerrero, CM Punk in a Singapore Cane Match
Big Show lost his marbles after being ganged up on by the other four. His shot on Dreamer with the cane at the end of the match was brutal. Interesting to see Chargers' linebacker Shawn Merriman get involved from his front row seat by smashing Chavo Guerrero with the cane. I wonder if it is a one-time thing? Show-Kane forthcoming at Night of Champions for E.C.W. Title.

Beth Phoenix makes Melina say "I Quit" ("I Quit" Match)
This match exceeded my expectations. Phoenix won and now will presumably face Mickie James for the W.W.E Women's Championship at Night of Champions.

Overall a solid pay-per-view. I’d give it an 8 on a scale of 1-10.

Monday Night Raw should be interesting tonight with so many questions to be answered, especially how we go about winning some of Vince McMahon’s money.


tiogamuse said...

Great summation! I agree whole hardily with your assessments!

and the shish kabobs were fun too!

Sean G. Kilkelly said...


Shish kabobs? How would I know, the dog ate mine!!!