Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Kurt Angle: The One That Got Away

Some great comments on here the last day or so and I want to say thanks for reading and commenting. It got me thinking about who could help the W.W.E. that is no longer with the company. Now also keep in mind that although the ratings are down, the W.W.E. is still one of, if not the top show on the different channels that they are on.

But of all the wrestlers that for one reason or another left the W.W.E. in the last few years, the one that I think stings the most (other than The Rock) is Kurt Angle. Kurt (featured) is a legit badass as a result of winning a gold medal, although he didn’t do it with a broken neck as he says, he did make it through the trials with a broken neck.

Now he is in T.N.A. and apparently wants to pursue Hollywood. His oft-injured neck may force him out of wrestling sooner than we would all have hoped. A guy like Angle put on some fantastic matches in the W.W.E. and brought out the best in guys like Brock Lesnar.

For the W.W.E., Kurt Angle is definitely “the one” that got away.

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