Thursday, June 12, 2008

So Long Michael Strahan!

Michael Strahan (pictured above) announced his retirement this week, which I have mixed emotions about. Not that he retired, no, the fact that he lasted 15 years in the N.F.L. is really amazing and I’m sure it took a tremendous toll on his body. Strahan was always outspoken during his career, and too often it came back to haunt him.
Although when Strahan started to get ganged up on by “those guys on the radio in the afternoon” my feelings of ambivalence about number 92 changed to where I just had to root hard for the guy. Michael Strahan retires on top after being part of one of if not the greatest Super Bowl upsets ever. His play on the field will be missed, but his mouth won’t because I’m sure he’ll be on some network doing football analysis before long.

Though I wouldn’t expect him to be hangin’ out with “those guys on the radio in the afternoon,” you know, the ones who look like they are such athletic specimens (pictured on the far left and right)!

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